This little page exists for one purpose only: to record the requests made to me for posts with a specific topic or of a certain type.

These sorts of requests can be made to me anytime, in the comments section of a post, or by email: parrington.d at


There are currently three requests:

Tom (bnbnower): More Fiction!

Aura: A guest post by Aura about her life so far with Dan.

Aaron (c0mp3ng): Memories from the University of Toronto.


I’ve completed one so far:

Amy: Dealing with a loss in the family. Completed September 6th, 2012: September, 2011. I’ll very likely write on this topic again sometime – loss affects us all, and not just for a little while.


See how it works? You request it, I address it.

Try it yourself- let’s make this blog yours!


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