Hi folks!

Hope you’ve been enjoying the blog so far. It’s just a baby, I know. But as it matures I hope we can explore many new places together- you, my faithful friends and family- and you, my newest visitors.


Here are just a few of the avenues I want to explore over the next few months.

In interests & reflections: Parenthood – Running & biking – Writing – Body image – Mental health – Style – Personal psychology – Addiction

In literature: Stephen King (The Stand) – Carl Jung (Man and His Symbols) – Isaac Asimov (Foundation) – Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers) – Fyodor Dostoevsky (The Idiot)

In media: David Cronenberg (Shivers) – David Lynch (Wild at Heart) – Sam Peckinpah (Straw Dogs) – Akira Kurosawa (Throne of Blood)

In objects of delight: Nintendo – Lego – Food & drink – Pets – Collections

In reminiscences: School – The family home – Mom – My siblings – Grandpa & Grandma


For up-to-the-minute data on all things Dan, please follow me on Twitter.

For an all around database of my online existence, follow me on Google Plus.

To follow me on StumbleUpon (so much fun!) go to this address.

I’ve also established a professional profile on LinkedIn.


This has been a really neat experience for me- I’d been virtually offline for three years until two months ago. Now I have a lot to say, and I want you along for the ride! Please don’t forget that I’m always even more interested in hearing from you- so connect- drop me a line- stay in touch!


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