C’est a ton tour

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Hi everyone-

Since three weeks ago I have been posting every two to three days- usually two. The result is eleven posts, plus this one. I have a few more stockpiled, ready to be released into your universe from mine- but I think I’d like to step back for a moment instead.

I’m going to stop posting for something like a week. In that time, I hope you will go back over what I’ve shared so far, and let me know what you think. What do you want to see more of- what would you rather see less? What did you particularly enjoy- and what would you like to have included in the future? Am I posting too frequently, or should I really just let down the floodgates?

This blog is for you, reader. I write for my own pleasure, sure, but if it was just for me I would write it in a diary. I want to give you a good time- give you something you want to come back for. So, tell me, what do you come back for?

Comment away, loved ones, friends and strangers. Or send me a note: parrington.d at gmail.com. Until I hear from a few of you, consider me lost and uncertain. This is your big chance- turn this blog into what you want!

Cheers- Dan


2 responses to “C’est a ton tour

  • bnbnower

    I’m loving them Dan. Not sure if you can see the stats when I read them from my e-mail – but I’ve been keeping up. I enjoyed the short story – let’s have some fiction!~

    That said it has all been interesting and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself! Keep it up.

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