First among many?

Hi folks- Dan here. Some of you may have received an email or linked from my wife’s Facebook account, but for the sake of clarity I’ll just hash out my reasons for starting this blog. And Cam, Tom- yeah, you get the credit for pushing me over the fence.

I have a mind that moves at a few hundred miles an hour. You might not know it to talk to me, though, as it often is drifting somewhere else completely. In short, this is a brain that gets its many kicks out in left field. The best way I’ve ever found to deal with this is to write out my thoughts- this way I can grab hold of a segment of that daily race and tie it to a page (or screen!).

I have an awful lot of opinions, but I’m typically more likely to want to hear yours. I submerge my point of view frequently so that I can get the scoop from someone else. When I write, however, there’s no one to listen to but myself: maybe you’ll get a few of my perspectives this way.

I lead a life that I absolutely love. It’s quiet, it’s demanding, it’s satisfying. Strangely, I haven’t worked in almost two years- I’ve been raising a family full-time instead. Sometimes the lack of outside work drives me a little up the wall. Hopefully this blog will serve as an outlet. I want to share all that I am and have with the people who have shared my life so far. It’s pretty neat being Dan Parrington.

Okay, there’s my motivation. You want a rundown of my life since I last saw you? Hold on, we’ll get there. For the moment, let’s just have a look at my current state of being.

I’m twenty-three now, married and stepfather to two. I have a high school education and fragments of university from U Toronto and Trent. I collect books, and have nearly a thousand on my shelves. They don’t all fit here at my place in town, so I still keep a lot of them at my Mom’s (hi Mom!). When I really want to relax I play video games. When I want a great time I build Lego with my boys- Kieran, 7, and Emery, 4. I’m pretty great in the kitchen, although I can be equally awful. I have some rather fascinating and disruptive mental health concerns that have largely been resolved- but of course things like that are never totally a finished story. I love animals and music. My favourite color is brown in all its shades. I spell words like favor without the u, and realise with an s. I am not a multitasker, at all. I have a dream staircase. I enjoy diagrams. I watch a ton of movies- my favorite is Blade Runner.

When it comes to reading, I’m not really picky. I have my favorites, though. William Faulkner is the author I admire most. I dreamt once that he was staying in the same hotel as me, so I went to see him in his room. He was out, and I was devastated. I still am. I also like twentieth century Russian and American literature. Robertson Davies is my Canadian idol. I have a filthy obsession, usually not talked about socially, with science fiction. I like sic-fi best when it collides with horror. Anyone who comes into my home knows that I hate to see a friend leave without a book, and the same will likely apply to my blog- I hope you don’t mind getting recommended to sometimes.

My family of four, counting me, is the essence of my universe these days. Aura, previously of the Delorme family, provides me with a wellspring of love and care. I try to be the same to her and the boys. Kieran and Emery are very different creatures, and I love to make the comparison. Kieran, soon to be in grade three, is a cautious kid, always prone to apply his mind to a problem long before tackling it head on. He is in the top of his class with reading, which makes me very proud. He has a lot of questions and craves the thorough answer. Emery, who will be in kindergarten next year, is exceptionally bold. Never have I known someone so likely to lean out into an undertaking much further than they can pull back from safely. He’s very bright, bright to the point of constant amazement on my part, but usually prefers action to consideration. So Kieran makes sure Emery is safe, and Emery makes sure Kieran has a good time. I like the combination very much.

Aura is thirty-six as of this past Monday. She tells people she’s twenty-six, and could pass for it, but I am tremendously pleased with my very own cougar. Aura struck me from the beginning with her intuitive nature. She can discern your thoughts and motives at twenty paces. She’s a great organiser, a powerful motivator, and nice to have on a fellow’s arm. She’s pretty any way you package her, but I like her in black or blue, and it especially pleases me when she gets out a sundress. She would be terribly embarrassed to see me writing all this, but she’s absurdly modest on top of everything.

You’ll get to know a little more about me as time goes on, but I hope this hooks you for now. Without any further fuss, let me once again welcome you to the new blog. Check back soon!

Cheers, Dan

p.s. For those as confused as I was, the comment button is at theΒ top of the post.


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